1. Find your photography style.

What appeals to you? Do you want classic portraits? Or do you prefer more candid, documentary-style images? Maybe the perfect mix of both is what you’re looking for. Do your research. Look at the work of a wide array of wedding photographers and see what appeals to you.

2. Read reviews.

Nothing tells the story like real-deal reviews. See what other couples say about their experience.

3. Check out social media.

See the recent work of your favorite photographers. See how active they are and get a glimpse of their personality!

4. Set up interviews.

Right away you’ll find out quite a bit. How fast did the photographers respond to your request for a chat? Who arrived on time … or early? Bonus points! Pay attention to the answers to your questions, but even more, see if you “click.” (AH, see what I did there?)

A bride will spend more time with her photographer than virtually any other person on her wedding day. You want to feel comfortable. And you want to have fun with this person!

5. Review full wedding galleries.

Websites – and even social media feeds – are a showcase of the photographer’s BEST images. You need to review full galleries to see how photographers handle the entire day. Look for consistent quality.

6. Make certain your photographer has solid back-up plans.

What happens if your photographer’s camera suddenly dies? Or a memory card corrupts? How does the photographer store and back-up wedding images? And what happens if your photographer gets sick the day of your wedding? You need to be certain your photographer has these bases covered!

7. Request a proposed timeline.

A professional wedding photographer knows exactly how to schedule a day. Ask for tips on how to get the most from your hours of coverage.

8. What about family photos?

Some photographers loathe this part of the day, but capturing portraits while everyone is gathered and looking great is important. Ask how the photographer plans to capture those.

9. Confirm who is actually shooting and editing your images.

Some photographers employ associates to both shoot and edit. If you want images similar to what you see on a photographer’s website or social media feeds, make certain you know who is doing the work.

10. Read the fine print.

Review the photographer’s contract. Make certain you understand exactly what you’re paying for and what you’re receiving in return.

11. Ask when you’ll receive edited images.

You’re going to be so excited to see images from your day. Find out exactly when to expect those images and how many you’ll get.