Capturing the candid moments ...

I just talked with a bride-to-be earlier this week, and I asked her what was most important for a photographer to capture at her wedding. She said the "candid moments," the ones that tell the full story of the day.

I started my career as a journalist, and so documenting the day as it naturally unfolds comes easy to me. I'm always looking for the story, the emotion, the reactions. Yes, I also love the portraits, but catching the in-between moments - as well as all the details, from finery to food - is also an important part of my work!

This beautiful wedding took place at Ships of the Sea Museum, a gorgeous venue! And this group made for a FUN party, as you can see! And can we talk about that sweet table. Oh, my! Part of my job is quality control/taste-tester, and I made certain to check out every tiny tart! They all passed! Gloriously!