Irene + Garreth: A Savannah wedding that was TRULY a class act!

Four weddings and a party! That was the theme of the day. And here’s how it came to life!

Turns out that Irene and Garreth had a little surprise in store for their wedding guests. The first hint was the popcorn and playbill in their seats set up in one of Savannah’s gorgeous squares.

Then Irene’s sisters led the guests through a timeline of Irene and Garreth’s relationship in the form of a play with a guitarist providing background music.

Wedding #1 was when Irene was a small child and “married” a little friend.

Wedding #2 was when Irene and Garreth - after being together for quite some time and moving to cities around the globe - wed before family and friends in their native Canada.

And obviously the Savannah celebration was Wedding #3. Irene had dreamed of having a ceremony in our magical city. So when was Wedding #4??

Ah, the surprise. Turns out Irene and Garreth wed just days after he proposed. They knew it was meant to be, and international travel would be easier as a married couple. Their guests hooted and laughed as the secret was revealed. YES, they were indeed already married at that engagement party thrown in their honor! What fun! And one last time, the couple walked down the aisle - with fur baby Oscar dressed for the occasion, too!

Then everyone retired to The Whitman Mansion for THE PARTY! Chef Bob served up oysters, shrimp and grits, Savannah red rice, and so many favorites! And then there were Baker’s Pride doughnuts and candy galore for dessert! What a FUN day!

Ashley + Garrett: A celebration of LOVE

When I photographed Ashley and Garrett’s engagement, they told me that no, they would not be kissing in any of the photos. They would share their first kiss on their wedding day.

Their engagement session was one of the most beautiful I ever captured. Their intimacy and connection was deep, powerful. I felt it. The way they looked at each other. The way they cared for and respected each other.

And honey, their wedding day kiss was EPIC! As was the dance party that followed. Such a big, beautiful celebration of love!

When the bride roller-skates her daddy-daughter dance!

How do the BEST wedding days end? With the bride and her father ROLLERSKATING their dance! And with a plea from the photographer for the bride's family to PRETTY PLEASE adopt her!

I am fairly certain my photography works not because of technical aspects of the art, but rather because I capture EMOTION. The joy. The tears. The love between the couple, their families, their friends. That's what it's all about. And I think I capture it best when I FEEL it, when I connect with my couples and their families, when I feel the JOY! It sure does make it fun. 

I love, love, love capturing love. LOVE!

Beautiful Southern Wedding

Ah, the South's beauty was on FULL display for Annie and Tyler's gorgeous wedding at The Barn at Red Gate Farms, one of Savannah's prettiest venues.

They said their vows beneath a huge oak tree laden with Spanish moss overlooking a peaceful pond. Then the party moved into the barn, where DJ's had the whole place hopping. This was my second wedding among this friend group, so it was fun to see familiar faces and catch up with Rebekah and Kyle, whose wedding I shot last year.

I knew this was going to be a GREAT day when Annie met me when I arrived with a BOX of cupcakes. She said she knew about my absolute LOVE AFFAIR with cake. AH, I have the BEST brides!

Day after preview

The day after a wedding is well ... here's how I described it in a recent social media post:

Me on wedding days: Apple Watch says "Walked 7.2 miles and stood up non-stop for 11.7 hours. Goals achieved."

Me on days after weddings: Apple Watch says "Sat up in bed. Turned over. Went back to sleep. Goals achieved."

Joking, joking. I love to deliver a gallery of images to my couples the day after their wedding. Everyone is eager to see and share! Here are a few of the images in the "day after" gallery I delivered this afternoon for yesterday's GORGEOUS wedding!