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OH, hi there!

Come here and give me a hug! I ALWAYS knew you guys would get married. Congratulations, dears!

Wedding planning is fun, right? No? Well, then somebody is doing it wrong. And it’s not me.

Yes, yes, we will take care of all the details. But this is a party. With cake and buttercream icing, right? Honey, I need buttercream. (Don’t have a naked cake. That's rude. Your mama raised you better than that.)

Well, hi. I’m Esther. Hug again! I approach weddings with joy! I love every minute, from the gorgeous dress and jewelry at the day’s start to chatting up guests and getting group shots at the reception. (And honey, buttercream keeps the dance party going.)

I have a journalist's eye for emotions and beautiful details. (I learned photography as a journalist.) I love classic portraiture, but not posey-posey. I’ll put you at ease to create natural, genuine images that capture who YOU truly are. 

Go get married, you crazy kids! I’ll run along behind and capture every moment so you never forget how much you love your sweet darling.