Day after preview

The day after a wedding is well ... here's how I described it in a recent social media post:

Me on wedding days: Apple Watch says "Walked 7.2 miles and stood up non-stop for 11.7 hours. Goals achieved."

Me on days after weddings: Apple Watch says "Sat up in bed. Turned over. Went back to sleep. Goals achieved."

Joking, joking. I love to deliver a gallery of images to my couples the day after their wedding. Everyone is eager to see and share! Here are a few of the images in the "day after" gallery I delivered this afternoon for yesterday's GORGEOUS wedding!

Capturing the candid moments ...

I just talked with a bride-to-be earlier this week, and I asked her what was most important for a photographer to capture at her wedding. She said the "candid moments," the ones that tell the full story of the day.

I started my career as a journalist, and so documenting the day as it naturally unfolds comes easy to me. I'm always looking for the story, the emotion, the reactions. Yes, I also love the portraits, but catching the in-between moments - as well as all the details, from finery to food - is also an important part of my work!

This beautiful wedding took place at Ships of the Sea Museum, a gorgeous venue! And this group made for a FUN party, as you can see! And can we talk about that sweet table. Oh, my! Part of my job is quality control/taste-tester, and I made certain to check out every tiny tart! They all passed! Gloriously!


I've known Shannon for 10 years, and she has to be the most joyful person I know. And marrying Stephen took that joy to a whole new level, as you can see. Congratulations to the happiest newly weds I know!

PS: You have to see the last image. Stephen's father's name was Tom Lynch. He passed away, but miraculously, he was present on this day, his name on a street sign beside the beach. Amazing!

Sergii + Maria: A Sweet Elopement

I often am asked, "What would you do if you couldn't shoot our wedding? If an emergency arose?"

Good questions. And my answer is this. We have a community of photographers that would do whatever necessary to carry each other's load in time of need.

When a tearful fellow photographer reached out to me because she had been injured and couldn't shoot this elopement yesterday, I was honored to step in. She would have done it for me a heartbeat. We are sisters in this profession.

And this gorgeous couple - both from Ukraine, but they met in Chicago - were cheered all across Savannah. It was marvelous! One family even serenaded them with, "Going to the chapel!"

Prom with Reid and Davis

He cried when he saw her walking up. She was indeed absolutely stunning. They were the sweetest couple, so at ease with each other. I think this is my favorite prom session ever!